Where to buy Typewriters in Hong Kong

Since 2016, At Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters we have proudly supplied more than 100 Typewriters to Hong Kong Market as we are trusted by individual clients and typewriter collectors to prepare their machine and safely deliver them in 2 to 3 working days through our express Delivery. 

One of our Limited Edition Gold plated Typewriters was sold to Hong Kong for a private collector and vivid lover of anything with gold. 

Gold plated Imperial Good companion Typewriter

On the Other hand, it was an honour to supply the Majority of the Typewriters for one of the most active Typewriter Collectors in the World, The Typewriter Traveller, Who Travelled to around 70 Countries all around the world and in each trip, he will take one of his typewriters to Type letters. 

You can find his account on Instagram, 


or visit his wonderful website below. 


Two of his favourite Typewriters for travel are the Baby Hermes and the Smith Corona SkyRiter that has been plated in our shop and specially prepared for him. 

Chrome plated Hermes Baby Typewriter

Chrome plated smith Corona  SkyRiter Typewriter

Picture Credits for the Typewriter Traveller (www.typewritertraveler.com)

As time passes by, our reputation in genuine typewriter restoration spread all over Hong Kong and the world through Instagram and word of mouth & now we have a good base of clients that we accompanied all the way to recommend the best typewriter to help them use it through phone calls or Facetime. 

Therefore, If you are in Hong Kong and you wish to buy a Serviced & Working Typewriter to be promptly delivered to you anywhere in Hong Kong, please Contact us  Anytime for any questions or Queries about our listed typewriters or even if you wish to custom order any model that is currently not available on our website. 

With Gratitude, 

Walid Saad

Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters. 




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