1921 Early Underwood 3 Bank Typewriter - New platen

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Excellent Condition for an early Underwood 3 Bank with a NEW platen fitted.

 Cool Serial 6868 from 1921 and its rare to find four digit serial Underwood 3 now in a working condition. 

These had a special flat segment, Shifting from the left only, and different logo. 

One of the smallest typewriters in size and weight ever manufactured. 

Mechanical condition:

Professionally restored to perfect working order. suitable for normal typing. Not recommended for extremely fast typist.  

Nice dinging bell. 

New & fresh Black Ribbon Fitted on original metal spools and with the original pins. adjusted to Type on Red colour selector only. 

Cosmetic condition:

Considerably Excellent for its age.  It is now 102 years. 

Very good Decals on top. minor fading on the front. 

minor paint marks on the main frame & that's normal as it survived all these years. 

NEW PLATEN FITTED - Only shop in the UK to offer that service. costs alone around  £145. 

Wonderful glass topped keys with some having some discolouration. 

Original lid and base. Always should stay on its base. New handle fitted.

Clips but the pin to hold it damaged from one side so its fragile. will hold it if taken care off. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard

PICA Typeface

10 pts per the inch.