Tom Arden Typewriter Collection ( David Rain )

David Rain, a science fiction and fantasy writer that was known by his pen name Tom Arden. 

Born in Australia in 1961, Arden moved to the United Kingdom in 1990 and lived in Northern Ireland & England as he lectured for seven years in the University of Belfast and starting 2003, he lectured about creative writing at Middlesex University in London. 

Sadly, on the 15th of December 2015, David Rain passed away of Cancer.  


As per Wikipedia Website, David Rains Book Collection is as follows. 

The Orokon

  1. The Harlequin's Dance (1997)
  2. The King and Queen of Swords (1998)
  3. Sultan of the Moon and Stars (1999)
  4. Sisterhood of the Blue Storm (2000)
  5. Empress of the Endless Dream (2001)

Other novels

  1. Shadow Black (2002) – gothic mystery
  2. The Translation of Bastian Test (2005) – science fiction
  3. As David Rain: The Heat of the Sun (2012)
  4. As David Rain: Volcano Street (2014)

Other writings

  1. Nightdreamers (original novella) based on the television series Doctor Who.
  2. Short stories for UK publication Interzone: "The Indigenes" (IZ 136), "The Volvax Immersion" (IZ 143).
  3. Articles have been published in the British Fantasy Society magazine Prism.

We have an Autographed Copy of the "Night Dreamers" signed by Tom Arden. 

 Typewriter Collection of David Rain or Tom ArdinDavid Rain | Tom Arden Doctor Who Novellas Nightdreamers Signed CopyDavid Rain | Tom Arden | Nightdreamers | Doctor Who Novellas

Hermes of the Ways:

David Rain Wrote an article under the name of "Hermes of the Ways" about his Hermes Typewriter, his personal favourite as per the article, mentioning what makes him prefer using a Typewriter and not Computers. 

To Read the full article, please press on this link "Hermes of the Ways"

In this Article, David Rain mentioned the Typewriters he owned giving a small review on them. Other than the Hermes 3000, the Machines are a Remington Noiseless Typewriter, Olivetti Lettera 22, and a Smith Corona with Mirror Finish. 

Thankfully, Mr Richard Polt Shared on his website this article in Typewriter Tributes written by the various world writers about Typewriters. 

Mr Richard Polt is a Philosophy Professor in Xavier University, Editor in the ETCetera Magazine, and Author of the "Typewriter Revolution: a Typists Companion for the 21st Century".

The four Typewriters: Where are they now?

In January 2018, We were very fortunate when we were contacted by a person who luckily acquired the four Typewriters from David Rain's Partner. We couldn't be happier to hear that the four typewriters we once read about in the article Hermes of the Ways are safe and We can add them to our Collection. 

The Machines were all kept in their original cases with some dust on them due the fact that they have not been used for the last 3 years. 

We decided to keep all the machines in their original condition to keep their significant meaning and respect the fact they were last used by a wonderful talented writer.

The Hermes 3000 is still in perfect working order and as per the article David Rain Shared with Richard Polt, he used it the most when he wanted to type. 

The Remington Noiseless Typewriter in Glossy Black Looks Brilliant. Keys are super clean and it seems to have been properly serviced but the line spacing lever on the left side is broken. 

The Olivetti Lettera 22 Typewriter, a later model of this famous portable Typewriter and a well serviced one. I was personally delighted to see these machines as it seems that David Rain took extra care for them. 

The last Typewriter, Brilliantly Chrome plated Smith Corona with a Turbo Platen. At first glance, we thought it was originally chrome plated by the Smith Corona Company but after research, it was clear that it was chrome plated to a mirror finish on a Originally Blue frame. David Rain seems to have not used it a lot as per his article as he felt like staring to Mirror. 


What we will do with the David Rain's Typewriter Collection?

The four Typewriters previously used by Late David Rain are now a part of our personal collection of Typewriters and we will make sure to keep them in their original condition. Maybe one day they could be displayed in a Museum in the memory of David Rain.


For more info or queries about this collection, please contact us. 

 Hermes 3000 Typewriter from David Rain or Tom Arden

Remington Noiseless Typewriter from David Rain | Tom Arden

Olivetti Lettera 22 Typewriter from David Rain | Tom Arden

Smith Corona Super Silent Typewriter from David Rain | Tom Arden


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