Fully restored Rheinmetall Georgian Layout Typewriter from Georgia.

At Mr & Mrs Vintage Typewriters, we have always aimed to work on interesting machines from all makes, colours, and models, with no restrictions on language, portability, or condition.

One day, a Dear Client and Friend was sharing with us his wonderful collection of typewriters that we personally believe is the most interesting collection we ever saw until our conversation reached to a part that a Georgian Layout typewriter is one of the hardest layouts to find, and it was on the top of his wish list. 

So intriguing, as Mrs Vintage couldn't resist not starting the hunt for one. 

If you google the word "Georgian Typewriter", your best hits will be around 5 to 8 images of Georgian layout Typewriters & no real information on any. 

Hard work pays off, as Mrs Vintage was able to source the Georgian Layout Typewriter, and after a month of language barriers and logistics problems, The Typewriter arrived to our workshop in a squashed box and in the condition pictured below. 

Georgian layout typewriter as it arrived from abroad

First assessment shows a Damaged frame, Broken line spacing lever, missing keys, stuck carriage, and lots of accumulated grease & dust. On the one hand, the polystyrene bits have filled the typewriter and got stuck between the springs and keys. 

Most Annoying was the condition of the key tops that was very filthy you cant easily read the letters. 

The first step was to get a parts machine to be able to replace the missing levers, springs and other parts. We luckily found a parts machine that was not in a better condition and shipped it from Germany with a high cost as Rheinmetall Typewriters are unbelievably expensive. 

dirty Georgian layout typewriter with grease and dust

Decision was to fully rebuild the typewriter on the new parts machine by re fitting the Georgian key slugs one by one after fully polishing them from grease and rust. 

It is a risky job, but we have nothing to lose & we are devoted to bringing this machine back at any cost. any difference in the Segment slots will be disastrous and the key slugs will not align. 

The first job was to deeply clean the machine from all grease & dirt and making sure that all the links and springs exist. machine was returned to a perfect clean condition using our special materials and liquids to make sure no further damage is caused. 

Nearly each key needed to be thinner at the lower end where the link holes are so they fit the Typewriter key segment. No mistakes allowed as the Georgian slugs can not be damaged,dent or broken due to their rarity. 

replacing the typewriter keys from the Georgian layout typewriter to new machine.

polished key slugs of the Georgian typewriter

Georgian layout Typewriter restored keys and segment.

All Key slugs in place, Now it is time to change all the keys with new Rings, new covers and surely, newly printed Cards for each key. 

Yes, a total make over of this machine is a must after all the years it spend collecting dust and dirt. 

replacing the typewriter key covers

typewriter key rings changed

new key rings for the typewriter

Key after key was recovered after checking it with its key slug. a long process but worth every minute as you get a full keyboard of newly covered keys and looking clear. 

new rare Georgian layout typewriter keyboard in full

key slugs of the rare Georgian layout typewriter

Now that the slugs and keys are in place. the machine is ready to be tuned and to type in a proper way. 

This was a challenging job as Mrs Vintage had to re align the carriage to a level that the wide Georgian keys are clearly typing on the paper. Kindly note that during all the past years we worked on typewriters, we have never used repair manuals or instructions as we believe that common sense, testing and problem solving will be more efficient. 

With Zero experience with Rheinmetall, Mrs Vintage was able to align the carriage to the right level and make sure that the new fitted slugs are properly and clearly typing. 

Result was amazing as we have been able to print all the keys clearly and result is in the below pictures. 


Georgian language typewriter letters and characters.  

After a long research, we found out that this is a rare Georgian typeface as it was Script & not the same as the standard printed layout. kindly check the picture as you can clearly see how the letters look cursive and bent to one side. 

Finally, pictures say it all about this genuinely fully restored Typewriter that was transformed from an abandoned typewriter in the corner of a  garage somewhere around the world to a collectable typewriter that is significantly rare & hard to find in good condition.

After working on this Typewriter for around 6 month, we now believe that every machine has a chance to shine again and type like new. it is always possible to restore a typewriter if you have the passion and desire to do so.. and that was what helped us get the Typewriter to look like new as the pictures below show. 

With Gratitude, 

Mr & Mrs Vintage Typewriters. 



font picture of the Georgian typewriter

side picture of the rare Georgian typewriter

side picture of the Georgian layout typewriter

restored Georgian layout typewriter - perfect typewriter restoration



Walid Saad

I love this demonstrative article on such a rare specimen. Talking about knowledge, talent, dedication, and profesionalism. Hats off to Mrs. Vintage!

Walid Saad

Really impressive job ! I’ve never seen such characters.

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