Imperial Typewriters restoration

British Imperial Typewriter restoration at its highest standards is performed inside our workshop at Mr & Mrs Vintage typewriters. 

All The Imperial typewriter models have always had a brilliant design that looked elegant and can be identified as one of the most attractive typewriters ever made pre the world war two. 

 Imperial Typewriter in Mank Movie

Picture right for the Movie, "Mank" and Netflix productions. 

We proudly restored 4 Imperial typewriters to be used in the award winning Movie, Mank in 2020. This was a Netflix productions movie and the typed letters on the start of each part of the movie where also typed on one of our Supplied typewriters, a Remington 8 noiseless typewriter.   

imperial good companion model 1 typewriter restoration

Picture above illustrates on some of the restoration work performed on each imperial typewriter we restore in our workshop. 

We thrive for the perfect imperial  typewriter as it deserves to be looking great as we all effortlessly typing. 

Every Imperial typewriter gets a full treat on our workbench, starting with

* Dismantling it apart
* Removing the keys slugs
* Removing the key tops & key rings (they’re usually mouldy from the inside) 
* Taking the main spring apart ( essential step because it always has dried out lubricant)

* Degreasing the escarpment mechanism. 
* Cleaning every angle
* Replacing any dead spring or any other part needed
* Replacing the rollers
* Replacing the rubber feet
* Adding new platen ( where needed) 

That and much more detailed work to make sure its perfect. 

proudly we are now supplying them, when requested, with a new platen, fitted to service for years to come and to dampen the typing sound and for better prints. 

 Click on the picture to see the transformation we managed on this Family Heirloom. 

Rusty Imperial typewriter restoration

Imperial typewriter decal

Imperial British right through typewriter restoration

Finally, wanted to confirm that this applies to all Imperial typewriter models and specially the desk Imperial 50 typewriter that we pride our self to be one of the few that still genuinely restore them and rejuvenate them for usage again. 

With gratitude, 

Walid from Mr and Mrs Vintage typewriters. 

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