Professional Olympia Typewriter Restoration and Repair

At Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters, we are proud to be able to deliver high quality restoration and service to all types of Olympia Typewriters. 

The Picture above of an SM3 typewriter shows an illustration of how we nearly fully dismantled the whole machine for a proper clean and adjusting for a perfectly smooth typing experience. 

We take out the Carriage and clean all the rails with the ball bearing from all grease that accumulated throughout the years. On the one hand, the platen is taken out, treated, revived or replaced with a adding new rubber layer and then it will be put back again. 

As you can see in the picture as well, we took all the keys out and their segment. 

We will clean each key individually  and then flush the segment to return to original condition with nothing stopping the keys from moving freely and smoothly. 

Unfortunately the work done in the market is nearly a clean job and will never be as good as taking all the keys out and the carriage to flush all the dirt and grease for a smooth mechanical function. 

Olympia typewriter restoration

Olympia typewriter segment clean flushing dismantled

The Olympia typewriter Models that can be genuinely restored in our workshop are the following: 

  • Olympia SM1
  • Olympia SM2
  • Olympia SM3
  • Olympia SM4
  • Olympia SM5
  • Olympia SM7
  • Olympia SM8
  • Olympia SM9
  • Olympia Monica
  • Olympia Spledid
  • Olympia Splendid 33
  • Olympia Splendid 66
  • Olympia Splendid 99
  • Olympia SF
  • Olympia Socialite
  • Olympia Traveller Deluxe
  • Olympia Traveller Deluxe S
  • Olympia Traveller
  • AEG Olympia Traveller Deluxe
  • Olympia Socialite 
  • Olympia SG1 & Olympia SG3 
  • Olympia Splendid 33


 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

We will be happy to give you a rough quote for the professional restoration job that we can offer. 

Thank you 



Walid Saad

I have an Olympia De Luxe with Case. I have the serial number but have no idea how to decode it to know the model. It has a couple of keys that stick and before I put any money in it, I would like to know what model and is it worth it. Any advice?

Walid Saad

Hi, Can you tell me how to remove the platen on a 1966 SM9 olympia portable typewriter. The platen and lower rollers are full of type corrector. (the white stuff).
Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

Walid Saad

I have an Olympia Deluxe portable typewriter serial #30782269 and would like to know in what year it was manufactured. It seems to be a SM9 model but?

Walid Saad

Hi I am repairing an Olympia office manual S G newer model 1970s 80s
having trouble fixing the ribbon throw movement think somebody has been messing with it can’t seem to figure out the ribbon vibrator not lifting at all have no manual on this machine been repairing typewriters for years but retired now just hobby now can you help regards john

Walid Saad

Where are you located?

Walid Saad

I have an Olympia DeLuxe Traveller typewriter which I would like restored.
Could you please advise when you be able to do it & approximate cost.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Walid Saad

Hi I have Olympia traveller typewriter , I would like to service it!

Walid Saad

I have a ‘57 sm3. The carriage doesn’t move at all and I don’t want to force it. Looking in there is a spring in the escapement that could be blocking it. Not sure how I could remove carriage with this in there. Any ideas where that spring goes?

Walid Saad

Hi I have a Olympia typewriter , I would like to service it , so plz send to contact address or whatsapp me 8594045464

Walid Saad

we have got a type writer that is very old and would like to get working again

Walid Saad

I have a Olympia Mod 8 typewriter that I would like to try and restore. Can you direct me to where I may be able to get parts. Especially a platen and the belt that allows the carrage tovad advance ( don’t know the proper name for it). Both the ribbon spool recesses arrangements have crumbled due to age. Could you also tell me the best way to clean up the metal work as its become tarnished.
Many thanks

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