What Makes Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters different?

fully dismantled typewriter


The Picture above says it all. 

What we do in Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters is beyond cleaning these old machine and selling them back for a higher price. 

Each Typewriter at our store is nearly fully dismantled as the picture above displays and each one of these parts is individually cleaned to nearly its original condition and made ready to be put again inside the machine to make it perform as if it is re manufactured back in the days. 

Parts of the typewriter should be rust and grease free to operate in a proper way and they should be re fitted inside the typewriter in the right way so the full mechanism is operating as it should. 

Unfortunately, you can find a lot of "serviced" or "restored" typewriters on eBay, Etsy and even on private websites that resell typewriters but these are only "nearly" cleaned typewriters from dust and re-displayed in better pictures to impress the potential buyers with some technical jargons. 

At our shop, we welcomed many customers asking for help on typewriters that they paid a lot of money for and ended up getting filthy machines from the inside or a typewriter that was heavily oiled ( Which is very wrong and many still do it ) and these typewriters failed them after a couple of days or weeks as they are not ready for heavy typing or the oil reached places inside the typewriter & blocked its operation. 

 At our shop, your typewriter will be properly & genuinely adjusted and reconditioned for you to get the best results from your typewriter. We will align your Lower case and upper case, we will clean your type heads, we will revive your platen and change your rubber rollers underneath when needed, we will change the frame washers, we will replace worn springs, we will add missing screws, we will change the carriage return belt and adjust its tension, and we will check a lot of points on the typewriter to make sure you get what you paid for. 

Our integrity and transparency is a key to our success and we wont rest until you are delighted with your new typewriter and making sure that when anyone asks you where did you get this typewriter from, you will answer, with no hesitance, Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters. 

We are Walid and Joujou, Husband and wife team that will be always happy to reply to your emails, texts, phone calls, and chat requests on the website to help and assist in any way possible to recommend a typewriter or help you use your new typewriter, even a lot of clients used Face time with us to help them start using their new Typewriters. 

Last November, we filmed an episode on the award winning show, The Repair Shop, on BBC one as we have been invited as Typewriter guest experts to restore a 1920s Corona 3 Folding Typewriter. It was an honour to participate and be a part of this skilful team, in other words, it was like an award to us for our continuous hard work, commitment, honesty and passion for our craft. 

So, why rely on Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters?

It is because we will be doing a lot of effort behind the scenes so you open your professionally packed typewriter on its due Delivery date and unwrap it to get your new typing companion that we put all our passion and skill in to prepare it for you. 

It is because after three years of genuine typewriter restoration, we are recognised and trusted by a lot of world wide collectors & individuals to source, repair, restore, recondition and prepare maybe the best typewriters from around the world for the years to come and to add them to their personal typewriter collection. 

It is because we will personally prepare your machine from the moment it arrives to our store to the moment you type your first key.  We, Walid and Joujou, wont depend on employees or assistants to do a job we decided it will be personal from the day we created Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters. 

Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters are Walid and Joujou Saad that are dedicated to up the standards in the Typewriter restoration field and try to elevate our service delivery to be always distinguished in the Market as leading Typewriter restoration experts in the UK and around the World. 

Therefore, if you want to make sure what you read is right, try one of our Typewriters and typed paragraphs above will be translated into a distinguished typewriter that you will never forget. 

With Gratitude, 

Walid and Joujou, 

Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters. 



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Walid Saad

Very impressed by your dedication and mind blowing attention to detail during your spot on The Repair Shop!

Walid Saad

Fascinating to see you both work on repairing and restoring the specialist Corona typewriter on The Repair Shop. It’s so encouraging to know that such heritage items can be restored.

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