3 Typewriter Ribbon for Olivetti Typewriters - Group 4 (GR4)

$13.00 $19.00
For our Beloved Clients,
Separately or while buying a new Machine
3 fresh Typewriter Ribbons .. for 12.99£  ( 3 for the Price of 2)
You can Add to your Cart while paying for your machine
Excellent Condition and all fresh. We use them on our own Typewriters. 
These Are Called
GROUP 4  Ribbons or 1004FN
They are known to be held by a Thumb Screw for each Spool  (Available also for sale on our Store) 
If you are not sure what Ribbon type does your Typewriter needs, we are an email away & we will be more than happy to assist. ( will need Typewriter Model and a picture of the area where the Spools fit. 
This Ribbon spool Will Fit the Following Typewriters: 
Olivetti Models: 

Olivetti Lettera 22

Olivetti Lettera 32

Olivetti Valentine

Olivetti Lettera 21

Olivetti Lettera 25

Olivetti Lettera 35

Olivetti Lettera 36

Olivetti Linea 88

Olivetti P602

Olivetti Praxis 48

Olivetti Studio 44

Olivetti Tropical Portable

Olivetti Underwood 315

Olivetti Dora

Olivetti Lettera 31

Olivetti Lettera 35i

Olivetti Lettera 37

Olivetti Linea 98

Olivetti P603

Olivetti Standard

Olivetti Studio 45

Olivetti Underwood 250

Olivetti Underwood 319

Olivetti Audit 502

Olivetti L20

Olivetti Lettera 24

Olivetti Lettera 35l

Olivetti Lexicon 80

Olivetti Logos 250

Olivetti P652

Olivetti Studio 42

Olivetti Studio 46

Olivetti Underwood 310


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