1898 Blickensderfer Typewriter No 7 in Italic Cursive Typeface Font

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blickensderfer No 7 Typewriter

Unique Condition. 

This Blickensderfer is not like any as it has Special Italic Cursive Typeface that has Some Characters that are different from Normal Cursive Script i Know (Please Check Test Page). 

The Main Difference is in the Capital "T", "W", and Many other Letters as the incline in the Characters is Mostly More than the Typefaces used on typewriters in the 60s and 70s. On the one hand, Letters are more Close and connected. 

I would Recommend Comparing it to our Cursive Typewriters Typefaces that are Clearly Different proving that this Typeface is Ancient. 

The Serial is 35522 which is from Early Number 7s from 1898 and Most beautiful part is that is now Returned to Excellent condition as it Normally Types and Looks Great. 

Why Buy this Typewriter? 
· Professionally serviced.
· deeply cleaned
· Working Order
. Excellent Cosmetic condition
. Unusual Typeface. 

Excellent cosmetic condition
Deeply cleaned
All Keys are there with Minimum usage signs. 
Aluminium or Chrome Finish is Excellent and was newly polished for a perfect look. 
Minor Rust and Age signs on Small parts. 

Item was professionally restored and returned to working order.
Nothing stopping your from Typing on it but surely only for Occasional Typing as It has a Weird Key Distribution
Newly fitted Ink Sponge.
Perfect Bell as it will Ding on Your last 5 Letters Before the Margin Ends.
Just Amazing and unique to Type on it. 

Original Base and Lid
Very good condition for the age. 
Missing Handle
Locks from Both Sides
Scratches and Age signs on outer lid.
Item is Fitted on the Base as No 7 was Made to Stay on it. We do not Recommend Taking it out at all. 
will appreciate taking a deep look at the pictures to evaluate. 

New Inked Sponge fitted as it will Nicely Type 
Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
Unusual Keyboard 
Cursive Italic Typeface
Excellent Prints & Alignment.. Please Check the Test Page.

Thank you