1930 Underwood 4 Bank Portable Typewriter with Special #Golden Crackled Sides and Front "Rare to Find"

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Underwood Portable Typewriter

4 Bank in Black and Crackled Golden Sides and Front

Serrial from 1930...  513XXX

Why Buy this Typewriter?

  • Fully Restored to look great and perfectly Type
  •        Rare Golden Crackled Edges.
  •  Deeply cleaned


Black and Golden




Very good Cosmetic Condition for its age and Model as All similar items Did not Survive the Years as this Beauty. 

Deeply Cleaned With Normal Age signs and and Major Scratch appears on the front side and Back. 

All Chrome Parts are fine but Certain Parts have Discolouration and loss of Paint. 

The Decals are Clear but not Complete. 

Important Note, Back Rubber Feet are Perfect while front are Somehow worn but we did build our own Rubbers for it to be secured inside the case. 

Always Zoom into our High Quality Pictures for Better evaluation of Its Cosmetic Condition.



Like all Our Typewriters, The Item has been Fully Restored to Excellent Working Order

Smooth Typing Experience with Superb Response to Key Strikes. 

Nice Dinging Bell. 

Minor Misalignment to the Capitals. 



Original Underwood case

Has age and usage signs on the inner and outer parts. 

Normally Clips with no Original Key and some age signs on all metal edges and lock. 

HANDLE is in Worn Condition and one edges is nearly disconnected but it will do the Job. 

Please Zoom All pictures to evaluate the condition of the case. 


New Light Black Ribbon fitted for Direct usage 

Red Can be used but will occasionally leave Black Marks. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

Elite Typeface with 12 pts per the inch 

QWERTY Keyboard 


Thank you