1931 Early Royal 10 Typewriter

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14" Carriage version of the Royal 10 with serial from 1931- X-1515XXX

Professionally restored & rescued  to working condition and a much better state from what it was. 

Types in Red and Black. 

PICA typeface with 10pts/Inch. 

Smooth typing with a nice Dinging bell at the end of your line. 

Glass panels on the sides to show mechanism. 

Cosmetically, for its age it is in good condition. 

Age signs will show on chrome metal parts 

Age signs and scratches and paint loss s on the main frame specially on the front corners. 



Was part of a 3 typewriters collection we acquired from a Retired Army officer who mentioned that it was used in the "Office of the Orderly Room, Royal Berkshire Regiment" for administrative purposes.   


Mechanical condition: 

 Will Nicely type as it should. 

Will not recommend for extremely fast typist. 

Prints are good to very good. types in two colours, which is always a plus.

TAB working, but not 100% reliable on each occasion due to age, 

New rollers added but not a new platen. Platen is ok. 

Carriage was fully removed for a deep clean. please check pictures. 

Ribbon is Black and Red on original metal spools. 

Cosmetic condition: 

Please check the typewriter pictures to evaluate the cosmetic condition as its considerably very good for its age. 

 Clean keys. Minor age signs on them. 

Typeface and Keyboard.

Pica typeface and a QWERTY keyboard. 


Will be supplied with a complimentary pad from our Website.