Blick Universal Typewriter . the British copy of the Adler Klien 7

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Blick Universal Typewriter

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Professionally Restored & Serviced
· Deeply Cleaned
· Not so Common to find and in such a conditon
. Newly fitted Ribbon, Light Black (not so clear and not perfect) . please check Test page

Glossy Black


Excellent After being Deeply cleaned and serviced.
Normal age signs on the metal body.
Excellent Decals, Usually these lose their clarity, but this item is excellent.
Many of the Keys have discoloured & broken tops. Will appreciate zooming the pictures.
Appreciate Zooming pictures to evaluate the condition

This typewriter used Horizontally sliding type heads.. different from many Typewriters.
Excellent working Order. BUT, the ink is extra light as we couldn't source a better dark ink.

It is Fitted on a Wooden base and has a covering lid.
Both in Very good condition with no Cracks.
Normal age signs on the inside and outside.
Handle is not available for this Case.

New Light Black Ribbon Fitted on Original Blick Universal Spools.
the Ribbon is wider than the normal ribbons we use.
These are rare to find ink, we sourced one but they are light.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
PICA Typeface. Clear Enough
3 Bank Keyboard.

Thank you