British Baby Empire Deluxe Typewriter

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The  Baby British  Empire  Typewriter (Special Order)

Light Weight & Stripped out version of these portable machines. 

Fitted the Original Metal spools. original paint as the machine. 

Serial from 26XXX from late 1939

What makes it Special?

The Typewriter, and while cleaning, we noticed that all the main body is made of Black Metal and not Silver Coloured metal. 

Model was used in the World war 2 for sure as it is light and ultra portable. 

This Deluxe Model has the RED Margin Release on the left plus the Line spacing lever was added as it used to be pinch line spacing or even only using the knobs for a new line. 

What we love about it is the Red Back Space. 


    Very dark Army Grey




    Typewriter was professionally cleaned. 

    Considerably Mint condition for age and in comparison to other machines we have from same model or in the marker. 

    Age signs will show on the paint as these have been used Before and After WW2.


    All Checked and cleared to Type. 

    Compared to later typing machines, it will not perform as perfect as 1950 and 1960s typewriters. 

    This Typewriter Model is Designed with Limited Features as there is only one colour, One sided Vibrator Ribbon Holder, simple Cap lock,   small platen,  and ultra thin. 


    Lid Handle is like new. 

     Age signs all around the outer side due to age. 

    Age signs on the metal part of the handles. 

    Considerably excellent for age. 


    New Black  Ribbon Fitted

    Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

    QWERTY Keyboard


    Thank you