Brother De luxe Typewriter

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Brother Deluxe Blue Typewriter

We Sell Brother Deluxe Typewriters on a Monthly basis as it is one of the most wanted typewriters and its attractive to the Eyes.

Why Buy this Typewriter?

  • Perfect working Order
  • Professionally Checked & Serviced 
  • Deeply Cleaned for a perfect experience. 
  • Excellent case. 

Blue Body with Clean White Keys.
professionally cleaned& serviced. 

Considerably excellent for what we previously serviced. 

Deep inside the Metal parts are shinny
Excellent clean keys that has minor discolouration. 

Just Perfect, will not add Any Other Words.
Carriage lock is removed, 
Excellent case which was deeply cleaned.

inner side is in excellent clean condition. 

Black & Red ribbon newly installed for direct usage.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY with Elite Typeface (11 pts per inch)

Other wise,  Never worry with us and Buy It Now :)

Thank you