Complete Princess 300 Typewriter (Keller & Knappich) with rare Booklets & coloured Key covers

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Princess 300 Typewriter 

Complete Condition. 

With all Learning how to Type Booklets (English language)

This Typewriter will amaze you. Other than it looks great, and special, this typewriter was historically known to be used for learning how to Type as Princess design under the company Keller and Knappich plus the famous Scheidegger Typewriters, did manufacture these typewriter and included learning how to Type books and added this coloured key covers so you will be able to learn which finger to use on which key.  

So, you can find a Princess 300 in Bad condition selling for 100£ but it is not always available in serviced condition and safely delivered to you with Original Teaching booklets (full set of 4) and the coloured key caps. 

.Why Buy this Typewriter?

  • Professionally Serviced
  • fully dismantled for a deep clean
  • Uncommon Learnin how to type booklets
  • Coloured key caps, to learn how to type. 
  • Key Chart


 Off white lid with extra special Green surrounding frame. 




Deeply cleaned after dismantling it.

Minor scratches on the lid left side, otherwise, its excellent

  Will appreciate zooming the pictures for a better evaluation. 


Typewriter was checked to for an excellent typing experience. 

 Nothing stopping you from heavy typing. 


Original Lid and base

Should always be fitted on its Base. Nice Rubber feet to secure equilibrium. 


New Black & Red   Ribbon Fitted  

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

Elite Typeface ( 11 pts per inch)

QWERTY keyboard 


 Thank you