Corona 3 Folding Typewriter in Rose Gold and Crackle Black Finish

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LC Smith Corona 3 Typewriter
Crackle Finish - "Rose Gold "

This item is Litrally in Pristine Condition
Serial is J 672XXX that was Manufactured in 1934
J for Black and Crackled Rose Gold Colour.

This machine was Manufactured in the Year 1934.

Previous owners Seemed to be Professional and did a great job keeping it in a good condition to be passed to a new Caring owner.

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Deeply Cleaned
· Crackle finish on sides and front with the Rare Rose Gold
· Working condition for Occasional Typing.
. Excellent Alignment for such a Typewriter
. Original Case Key

Black with Rose Gold Crackle Effect on sides and Front


Excellent cosmetic condition with Nearly Minor Scratches other than the usual ones on left side from folding.
The Crackle on Sides Show minor Paint imperfection. Please Zoom in Pictures.
Scratches will appear on the back due to putting in the Case.
Each key slug was individually cleaned.
Overall, its in its best.

Nothing stopping you from Typing on it but it is not Recommended for Heavy Typing.
Platen was revived with new Feed Roller Fitted in the middle under the platen.
Nicely dinging bell.
Full perfect mechanism
Paper feeders grip like new.
Overall, Its Excellently typing but Again, not for long hours of Typing.

Original Case in Immaculate condition
has age signs and usage signs on the outside.
Comes with Original Key that is Rare to Find.
Sturdy case with nice handle and folding Front Lid of the Case that is in good condition
Clips but With Original Key.

New Black & Red Ribbon is Fitted on the Original Corona 3 Spools.
Red Types Normally

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
3 Bank Keyboard with Excellent Alignment .
PICA Typeface ( 10 pts per inch)

Thank you