Early Olympia Splendid Typewriter

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Olympia Splendid Typewriter with Burgundy Coloured Keys

This is not like any other Olympia portable for 3 main Reasons:

1- Marble effect Beige Frame. you can find Beige frame but not with marble effect. 

2- Special Carrying Wooden box. 

3- This is a very Early version from the late 1950s and not early 60s

Serial 107XXX from 1958


Special Marble Effect Beige Colour on the frame and wonderful burgundy keys. 




Very Good cosmetic condition for its age

Item was Deeply cleaned after being Dismantled. 

Clean Keys, Individually Cleaned 

Major Scratches on the left side of the lid and back corners. 


Appreciate zooming the pictures to evaluate the condition. 


 Nothing Stopping you from Heavy typing. 

Professionally Serviced for long hours of Typing

The Splendid Series have always been Reliable and Great to use. 


Wooden Case with to hooks. 

Clean from inside and outside. 

This might not be original and i believe its specially made by its previous owner. 


 New Purple Ribbon fitted for direct usage. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard

LARGE PICA 10pts/Inch. 

Clear Typeface, 


Thank you.