Erika Typewriter - Georgian layout

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Erika Typewriter with Georgian Layout.

After a long research, we found out that there was no originally produced typewriters with Georgian layout. However,  they were all custom Made and refitted with new key types / key type heads that have the Georgian letters on them. Mostly on top of typewriters of Russian / Cyrillic Layouts. 

The Georgian scripts are the three writing systems used to write the Georgian language: Asomtavruli, Nuskhuri and Mkhedruli. This Typewriter is Mkhedruli which is the Modern Georgian alphabet. 

The interesting part of the Georgian letters is that they have many letters that are written differently when Handwritten than when typed on computer/books or Typewriters ( Unicode version).

For example:

  •  Handwritten form of ჯ (jani) often uses a vertical line ჯ (other form).png.
  • ზ, ო, and ხ (zeni, oni, khani) are almost always written without the small tick at the end.
  • გ (gani) may be written like ვ (vini) with a closed loop at the bottom.
  • დ (doni) is frequently written with a simple loop at top Doni (other form).svg.
  • ლ (lasi) is frequently written with a single arc Lasi (other form).svg.
  • წ (ts'ili) is generally written with a round bowl at the bottom Ts'ili (other form).svg.


and Much more. I personally enjoyed researching this amazing Language and alphabet layout. 

See our Blog for another Typewriter with Georgian Layout, Script Layout. 

This typewriter is made by ERIKA and all the frame is in plastic. 

All keys are are kept the way they were previously customised which is stickers with the Georgian Alphabet on top of the keys. 

The Typewriters types very well, With one exception of the Misalignment between Lower/uppercase. Maybe Due to the fact that the Georgian layout actually doesn't have any difference between capitals and Small letters shapes. It is actually the writers preference to choose to writer the letters slightly bigger at the beginning of a sentence. 

Typewriter was fully rejuvenated from years of non usage and being abandoned as the key types still show age signs.

After a couple of month of working on separate parts of the machine, we managed to keep it in its original condition as the carriage was dislocated and keys were full of rust on the metal heads.

Original base and lid that has age signs. 

comes with original Russian manual.

Kindly note, since 9 month, we couldn't locate any other Georgian layout machines to restore as it is scarce and we have been lucky to be able to get two within the last year with the two major different typefaces (script and Normal). 

Thank you