Hermes Baby (Feather Weight) Typewriter

We have run out of stock for this item.

When We Received this Typewriter, We did not know that it was a Typewriter until we opened the box.
Yes, It is Compact, and Light.. Just Amazing.

Item was fully Dismantled and re assembled to get the best of it.

Hermes Baby Typewriter
Feather Weight Design

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Professionally Restored & Serviced
· Deeply Cleaned
· Not so Common to find and in such a conditon
. Ultra light and compact
. Early Version of Baby with Serial 116XXX only.
. PERFECT Alignment, Its rare to get such an old light item with Aligned keys



Excellent After being Deeply cleaned and serviced.
Normal age signs on the metal body.
The body will show some body scratches for sure due to age.
Minor Discolouration of the paint on some parts but nothing Major.
Its a Featherweight Design with no Label (usually on right side of lid ) mentioning it as it seems to be one of old Versions.
Appreciate Zooming pictures to evaluate the condition

Excellent working Order.
Extra Smooth and nice to Type on.
The platen is only 2.5mm in Diameter and so tiny.
As per Historians, Its the lightest Typewriter made.
The (5/8 - 7/8) is Stuck, and preferred not to work on it due to it being minor and risk of messing other options.
Otherwise, Its all Smooth and Extra Light To type on.

Lid has age signs and discolouration on the outside.
plus, scratches and usage signs.
Perfectly Slips and Clips to the Pins.

New Black Ribbon Fitted on Original Hermes Baby Spools that have same Paint.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
PICA , Yes, Its a PICA typeface with 10 pts per the inch
QWERTY Keyboard,
a couple of letters lost some paint. ( Pictured )

Thank you