Imperial Model 50 Typewriter

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Imperial Model 50 Typewriter

Glossy Black With Glass sides.

The Background

This Amazing machine is Manufactured in 1930 under the Serial 152XXX

Its one of the Imperial Machines without Codes in the Serial Numbers as Imperial Model 50 Widely Stars with Z then XXX XXX

This is an Early Version of the Famous Model 50 and not a version issued in the late 30s or before the WW2 and has the uncommon Decal "British Right Through"


Belonged to a lady that used it in the world of Journalism in the 1960s and 1970s. Her son Passed it to us to be sent to a new appreciating home after restoration. 

What makes it Important is the fact that we have been able to restore it back from Dusty, Greasy, and Non Working order to Perfectly working Order Imperial Model 50 with a Smooth Typing and The Paint is in Excellent condition and the Chrome is now back to Pristine Shinny State.

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Professionally Cleaned and in Our own way as we take it all out.
· Very good Performance
. PICA Typeface. (10 pts per inch)
. Excellent Chrome

Black Gloss

Metal (18KG of pure metal)

Deeply cleaned to look good.
We fully Dismantle the Typewriter for a deep clean ( will provide pictures soon )
Typewriter have age and usage signs all over.
Good Rubber Feet.
Minor Scratches all around but nothing major to mention.
Age Sign on the Keys, showing Minor Discolouration.

Previous owner seems to have tried to paint but left a lot of imperfections on sides and back.  
Appreciate zooming all pictures for better evaluation of its cosmetic condition.

Noting Stopping you from long hours of Smooth typing on this Piece of History.
Perfect Dinging Bell.
TAB Key Works
Types on Both Colours.
Perfect Alignment and Clear Typeface.

Black & Red Ribbon fitted on Original Metal Spools.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard
Clear Prints.
PICA Typeface with 10 pts per the inch.

Thank you.