LC Smith Corona 3 Bank Typewriter with Golden Colour front Plate

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LC Smith Corona 3 Typewriter

Crackle Finish - "Special Edition"

This machine was Manufactured in the Year 1929 .

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Deeply Cleaned
· Newly fitted Paper Feeders
· Crackle finish on front plate with Special Golden Colour
· Working condition.. This one can be used for Heavy typing as it has a perfect performance.
. Excellent Alignment for such a Typewriter
. Original Brush and Typewriter oil tube ( empty )
. Original Manual ( has age signs and I suspect it has last page missing)
. Red Types as perfect as the black

Black with Golden coloured Plate


Excellent cosmetic condition
Excellently preserved With excellent paint and occasional scratches and one major scratch on left side where the folding line Spacer passes.
The Word Special on Plate is Not in Black. It is Golden colour. See picture please.
Each key slug was cleaned.
Keys are also individually cleaned and looks great with off white colour.
Overall, its in its best.

Nothing stopping you from Heavy typing. we dare to say so as we did a test and it has an excellent response.
Newly fitted Paper feeders.
Nicely dinging bell.
Full perfect mechanism
Overall, Its Excellently typing.


Original Case
has age signs and usage signs.
Inside it has some worn edges from the usage through out the Years,
Clips but no Original Key.

New Black Ribbon is Fitted on the Original Corona 3 Spools.
RED TYPES LIKE BLACK.. Rare to get this ...

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
3 Bank Keyboard with Excellent Alignment .
PICA Typeface ( 10 pts per inch)

Thank you