Military Smith Corona Standard Typewriter with Mill Key

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Military Smith Corona Standard with the extremely rare "Mill" Key, the O with a Slash on it. 

Mil Key was used for Telegraphs and specifically to copy Radio Messages. 

Only our second ever and from experience, these Special typewriters are rare to find in ok condition when this one is in nearly not used condition with extremely clean guts and minimum usage signs. 

Serial is  3C 311XXX from 1943

The Typewriter types in Large Capitals only, even on upper case. as this was the way to copy the Radio Message. 

When checking the test page, please take a look at the Letter "C" as it has a special curve on its top and that is surely not common at all as even my first Military typewriter did not have it. 

Will be researching the exact name of the typeface to clarify. 


Was part of  a big private Military communication collection. No extra details are given from previous owner due to privacy reasons. 

Mechanical condition:

Working for sure but its better used as part of collection and not for typing. 

New & fresh Black & Red Ribbon Fitted on original metal spools. 

Cosmetic condition:

In near new and unused condition.

Excellent to perfect  Decals. 

Pristine frame. 

Minimum usage of chrome with all Black finish on Margin Setters, Sides, Key Segment, Rails, and Paper guides. This was only used by military to avoid shinny objects on the machines. 

Comes with Original carrying case. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard with Rare Mill Key


And more info on typeface name to be researched.