Olivetti Lettera 22 Typewriter and Harrods Case

We have run out of stock for this item.

Amazing condition by all means. 

IF you are looking for a special present or even a rare and perfect machine for yourself, this one is your best option. 

3 reasons: 

  1. Rare Harrods Case for Lettera 22( Sold in Harrods in the 1960s)
  2. Shaded Typeface.. its Bold and different
  3. This Olivetti Version is Top end and has the Silver Coloured Label on far right side above the platen. this version is one of the best produced versions of Lettera 22.

Most importantly, Typewriter was fully rejuvenated to mint condition by all means. 


    Original beige. 


    excellent to mint cosmetic condition

    scratches on the back and corners but nearly not seen. 

    Clean round Keys
    Appreciate zooming pictures for a better evaluation of the cosmetic condition. 

    Nothing Stopping you from Heavy Typing on this Beauty. 
    Professionally serviced and Ready for Long hours of Typing. 
    Its Rare to find Lettera 22 in Full working order & properly serviced. 

    Original Olivetti case that was Sold in Harrods in the 60s. its not the same as any Case as it has a special Outer Felt with lines in it and you will never find anything like it in the market as it was produced to be sold only in Harrods. 
    Excellent Zip and Clip. 
    has age signs from outside & inside but considered excellent for its age. 

    Newly fitted Black and Red Ribbon. Typewriter is Ready for usage from Hello. 

    Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
    QWERTY Keyboard with 10 pts per inch Typeface. 

    Shaded or BOLD typeface. 

    Thank you.