Olympia SF Typewriter "Cursive typeface"

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Olympia SF Typewriter

Why Buy this Typewriter

  •  Professionally Serviced 
  • Clear Typeface  
  • Rare Cursive Typeface. 


Grey keys, two tone frame. dark grey and light grey. 



Cosmetics: (discounted due to not perfect cosmetic condition - we sell always for around 325£)

Good cosmetic condition.

Item was Deeply cleaned after being Dismantled. 

Scratch on the left side of the lid.

Dent on right side of the frame and minor dent on the front edge. 

The plastic Olympia on the lid has a missing edge. 

Appreciate zooming the pictures to evaluate the condition. 


Professionally Serviced for long hours of Typing

Otherwise, all in very good condition. 


Original case. 

missing cover on the handle holder. 

Small tears on the bag from the outside. 


 New  Black & Red  Ribbon fitted for direct usage. 

Occasionally, might leave red marks when typing in Black. 

Would always suggest using One colour ribbon. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

Cursive Typeface 

QWERTY Keyboard


Thank you