Olympia SM4 Typewriter

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Important Note:  If you wish to know the Difference between SM2, SM3 and SM4, i will be more than glad to answer. 

Many sellers list SM2 Typewriters as SM3 and that is unprofessional so be ware and we are glad to help you identify the SM3 from the SM2 and SM4 although if they are well serviced, they will deliver the best results. 

Thank you. 

This SM4 is Rejuvenated  to Excellent condition after long hours of Work on it and Dismantling it for a Deeper Clean

SM4 Olympia Typewriter

Original Matte Burgundy frame 

Why Buy this Typewriter? 

    •  Professionally Serviced
    •  Very good cosmetic condition
    •  Perfect Performance. 
    •  Uncommon and Famous Burgundy frame. 



Matte Burgundy & Black Keys 




Very good cosmetic Condition. 

Professionally cleaned to return to Excellent condition 

Chrome Finish is perfect. 

Age and usage signs will appear on the frame. as fading on some parts of the Paint. 

Will appreciate zooming for a better evaluation. 


 Made for Heavy Typing. 

Nothing Stopping you from long hours of typing. 

Newly replaced Washers for frame Support. 

Every single aspect of the item was checked and it will outperform any machine. 


 Original Carrying case with the Clips on the inside to Hold the Typewriter. 

The case is in good condition from the inside and outside with age and usage signs and Scratches. 


New Black and Red Ribbon Fitted

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard

Elite typeface. 



Thank you.