Olympia SM4 Cursive Scripy Typeface Font In Green Matte (SM3 Update)

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Cursive Script SM4 Typewriter
Matte Finish Green

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Rare Cursive Script Typeface
· Professionally Dismantled and Rejuvinated
· Excellent cosmetic condition.
· Matte Finish


Olive Green in Matte Finish


Deeply cleaned and dismantled for a perfect typing experience.
All Pictures will show that it is in Excellent cosmetic Condition as it was very well taken care off by previous user.
There is Minor rust spots under the Carriage but doesn't affect the Mechanism.
Right knob has scratches and a mark on it.
Overall, there could be small scratches on the sides and on the back but nothing major to mention.
Appreciate taking a deep look at the pictures to evaluate the condition.

Newly Serviced and Fully rejuvenated as we fully dismantled and deeply cleaned it making sure its back to perfect.
Paper Feeders are perfect and nearly new as we replaced from our stock.
Rubber washers on the inner body are still in Very good Shape.
Paper Feeders & Platen Grips are so hard due to being newly revived.
Platen is professionally used and has some marks on it but this will not affect the Perfect and clear Prints on your Paper.
Overall, Its a perfect Item for HEAVY Typing.

Original Case with scratches and age signs.
nicely clips but no key.
Handle metal part has rust and paint scratches.
Case is Sturdy but cosmetically not perfect as all metal parts have rust on them and the felt in the middle has spots and age signs.

Newly fitted Light Black Ribbon as it only types Black
Ready for usage.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY keyboard,
CURSIVE Script Font or Typeface.

Thank you