Olympia SM5 Typewriter

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Olympia SM5 Typewriter

Off White in Excellent condition. Please bare in mind that pictures are a little light due to the lighting we use but its off white and not pure white at all. it all depends on light in room. 

Why Buy this Typewriter? 

  • Professionally Serviced & rescued from being abandoned. 
  • Clear Typeface
  • Nice cosmetic condition for an SM5
  •  Excellent case


 Off White with Green knobs and Shift Keys




 Professionally dismantled and deeply cleaned. 

Body is still considered in excellent condition as its rare to find the Off white body in that good condition. usually they lose all the off white colour and turn fully to yellow. 

Scratch on the right side of the lid. tried to take a good picture of it.

Rubber feet in like new condition making it steady. 

Appreciate looking at all pictures to evaluate the condition. 


Professionally tested and tuned for a perfect typing experience. 

nothing stopping you from heavy typing. 

nice dinging bell at the end of each line and very smooth carriage. 


Original Case that was cleaned from outside and inside. 

age and usage signs will surely appear on the item but it is considered in perfect condition as its tact and the internal locks of the typewriter on the base are perfect to make sure it is always steady. 

Some Stains from Rubber feet appear on the inside. 


 New Black and Red ribbon is fitted for direct usage by you. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

 QWERTY keyboard with nice clean Keys. 

PICA Typeface with 12 pts / inch.