Olympia Splendid 66 Typewriter "Cursive typeface"

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Olympia Splendid 66 Typewriter

Why Buy this Typewriter

  •  Excellent cosmetic condition
  •  Professionally Serviced 
  • Clear Typeface  
  • Case is In Excellent Shape
  •  . Rare Cursive Typeface. 


 White Keys with off white Colour that is rare to find in such a condition. 




Excellent cosmetic condition.

Item was Deeply cleaned after being Dismantled. 

Overall, Its on the top end of the Market in Performance and looks. 

Appreciate zooming the pictures to evaluate the condition. 


Professionally Serviced for long hours of Typing

Types in One colour Only. And should be always on high tension "+"  Thus the price, as we sell for 325£ Average. Its not a problem but its adjusted to be perfectly working at this set up. 

Otherwise, all in great condition. 


Original Lid in Excellent Condition. 


 New  Black   Ribbon fitted for direct usage. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

Cursive Typeface 

QWERTY Keyboard


Thank you