Olympia Splendid 66 Typewriter "ITALIC" Typeface/Font

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Olympia Splendid 66 Typewriter
Italic Typeface

Why Buy this Typewriter?

· Italic Typeface
. Professionally Serviced for a perfect typing experience.
· Clear Typeface
· Excellent cosmetic condition.

Off White Colour with Green knobs and Shift Keys.


Excellent cosmetic condition.
Item was Deeply cleaned after being Dismantled.
Its an off white coloured Typewriter with normal discolouration on the sides and corners from hands.
Nice Clean keys with minor usage signs on them although they were individually cleaned.
Overall, Its on the top end of the Market in Performance and looks.
Appreciate zooming the pictures to evaluate the condition.

Nothing Stopping you from Heavy typing.
Professionally Serviced for long hours of Typing
Its One of the best Items we have always Recommended for Heavy Typists due to its Reliability any Portability.

Original Case with a nice working Zip and clean handle.
Minor Age signs appear on the Outer Cover and metal part.
Inside part was cleaned and there are some age and usage signs as pictured.

New Black & Red Ribbon fitted for direct usage.
Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
Italic Typeface
QWERTY Keyboard