Original Olympia Typewriter Brushes

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Original and Genuine Brushes for Olympia typewriters


These Brushes can be used on Any Typewriter but they were supplied in a SM model that can be an SM2, SM3, SM4, SM5, SM7, SM8 or SM9 Model.

plus, it also can be used with SF model, Splendid 33, Splendid 66, and Splendid 99. 

You will get: 

• One Wooden Long Brush ( Soft )

• One plastic  Brush for Key Heads

  • Original Olympia Case for the Brushes and Olympia Cloth. 

No Typewriter or Its Case is included. 

All in in used condition 

Can be used with Any other typewriter as they are used in general for Cleaning Key Slug Heads.

They add Value to your Typewriter as they are Original Set and with years to come they are becoming scarce when completing your typewriter Kit specially the Iconic Hermes typewriters 

Thank you