Bar-Lock Portable Typewriter

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Rare Bar-Lock portable Typewriter 

Serial 8XXX from 1939 


 What Makes it a Special Typewriter?

  1. Only Manufactured in limited numbers (only 6000 Machines). 
  2. Font is slightly longer than Normal PICA. 
  3. Decals are Mint
  4. The line Spacing Lever is Special as its a push Lever other than a hold and carry to the right lever. 


.Why Buy this Typewriter?

  • Professionally Service
  • fully dismantled for a deep clean
  • Rare Roman Long Characters. 
  • Pica Typeface (10 pts per inch)
  • Very nice Matte Finish in Dark Grey
  • Glass topped Keys




Deeply cleaned after dismantling it.

Mint Decals on the Top with Fading on Decals of the Spools lids.

Individually cleaned keys & glass topped as well. 

Will appreciate zooming the pictures for a better evaluation. 


Like all our Typewriters, It is perfectly checked and serviced. 

You can normally type but we do not recommend for heavy typing. 

Newly added Rubber Layer to the Platen (Black Roller) for better prints. 

Nothing Stopping your from Heavy Typing.


Original Lid and base
good condition with age signs on the outer cover and remains of white paint. 
Base should be always Kept under the Typewriter as it is connected to it. 

locks but right hinge is broken. so it is connected from left side only. 

New Black  Ribbon will be Fitted on Original Spools.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
Pica Typeface ( 10 pts per inch)
QWERTY Keyboard 
Characters are longer than usual and they are similar to the Roman Characters. 

 Thank you