Rare Olivetti Studio 44 Typewriter with Old English Letters (Anglo Saxon) & Shaded Font

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Olivetti Studio 44 Typewriter

Ultra Rare Anglo Saxon Keyboard (The Old English) 

As per Internet Sources, Anglo Saxons Inhabited Britain in the 5th Century. They used Old English as it is Called Now. 

The Period of the Anglo Saxons is from 450 to 1066.

Many Mix The Characters with some of the Danish, Icelandic Letters but it is Different. 

Nothing like this as previous owner passed it to us Mentioning that he had it custom Ordered/Modified in the 1960s for his father who used this in his Writing/Editing and History Research on Several Old Languages and Specially the Old English (Anglo-Saxon)

To Add to its Beauty, it was done in Shaded Congress Typeface. 

Why Buy this Typewriter? 

  • Rare Keyboard Including Anglo Saxon Characters. 
  • Excellent Performance
  • Professionally Serviced 
  • Clear & Uncommon Typeface ( Shaded Congress )
  • Deeply cleaned


Italian Version of Olivetti is always perceived as Greenish Blue.

This one is more close to Green than Blue 




Very Good Cosmetic Condition. 

Professionally Cleaned although it was cosmetically very well taken care of.

Nothing Major to Mention other than scratches on back and front corners

Appreciate zooming the pictures for a better evaluation. 


 Like all our typewriters, it was professionally serviced for a perfect typing experience. 

Tuned for a Great Finish on the Papers. 

Overall, its literally smooth. 


Original Case 

Built in Base inside to hold the Typewriter. 

Minor Age Signs all Over. 

One Base Side is Cracked and Fixed with our Special Material. 

Comes with Original Key. 


 New Black and Red Ribbon fitted for direct usage. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:


Shaded Congress Typeface. 

Thank you