Rare Smith Corona 71 Seventy ONe Typewriter in Light blue and white

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Smith Corona 71 Typewriter

Blue and white Colour

Why Buy this Typewriter?
. Nearly unused
. Deeply cleaned
. Professionally Serviced for a perfect typing experience.
· Clear Typeface
· Excellent cosmetic condition.

White Colour with random blue colour parts.
Leather like felt on the lid edge that looks amazing.

Plastic and Metal.

Excellent cosmetic condition.
Nearly unused
Item was Deeply cleaned
Nice Clean keys as we cleaned each one individually and they are bright white.
Overall, Its on the top end of the Market in Performance and looks.
Appreciate zooming the pictures to evaluate the condition.

Nothing Stopping you from Heavy typing.
Professionally Serviced for long hours of Typing

Original Lid that is bright white and clean.
Amazing condition.

New Black & Red Ribbon fitted for direct usage.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard
Elite Typeface
11 pts per inch.

Thank you