Canvas of White & Red Olivetti Valentine Typewriter

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Now for Sale is this Special Canvas of the Two Red & White Valentine Typewriters in a Special Photo taken by us and printed on a Canvas Frame in High Resolution. 

If you are a Typewriter Enthusiast, Collector, or Would like to have a Special Picture in your Living room or Office, this is one excellent Choice. 


Size is 40cm x 60cm

or 16" x 24" (Inch)


It will be professionally packed for you and Shipped World Wide.

We are More than Glad to Arrange Printing it on Larger Canvas Size. 

Kindly let us know if you wish to get a quote for a Custom Made Order. 


History of the Valentine Typewriters as per the Design Daily Website ( 

The Valentine - created for the Italian brand Olivetti - was designed in collaboration with the British designer Perry King and entered production in 1969. It was not a commercial success. The Valentine was technically mediocre, expensive and failed to sell to a mass audience, yet still became a design classic. Valentines can be found in the permanent collections of London's Design Museum and MoMA, the typewriter being accepted into the latter just two years after its launch. The product's critical success was unhindered by its functional limitations because its design focused as much on its emotional connection to users as it did on practical ease of use.

Sottsass set out his stall early on. One of the initial advertising campaigns for the design featured posters by the graphic designer and founder of New York magazine, Milton Glaser. Glaser used a detail of Piero di Cosimo’s renaissance painting, Satyr Mourning over Nymph. In the poster, the Valentine typewriter is placed next to a red setter, an elegant, rambunctious dog; man’s best friend. The suggestion was that Sottsass' portable accessory could be just as loyal and convivial. How the product performed was arguably irrelevant. It was about how it made you feel.

The Valentine was available in white, green and blue, but its most famous form was red: lipstick-bright ABS plastic casing, with black plastic keys and white lettering. “Every colour has a history,” said Sottsass, “Red is the color of the Communist flag, the colour that makes a surgeon move faster and the color of passion.”

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