Red Remington portable number 3 Typewriter with Special Keys. ( Krs - Rs )

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Remington  Portable  Number 3  Typewriter

We are extra lucky to work on this amazing machine as it was neglected and we made sure to return to return back to excellent condition, Mechanically and cosmetically. 

We could not get to know more about the previous owner but the Typewriter looks to be custom prepared to a trader who used to buy/Sell from/to India and Turkey as two key Slugs have been added on the right side. 

The Rs, which is common and seen on many Typewriters here in the UK. it represents the Indian Rupees.  

Second was the Krs Key that we made a research to reach the result that it is the Kurus unit from the Turkish Lira. 

Kurus was and still the smallest unit in the Turkish lira and mostly found on Coins. Now its value is nearly null as it was mostly used since 1923 and faced devaluation as time passed by.  


Why Buy this Typewriter? 

  • Professionally Serviced
  • Very good cosmetic condition  
  • Perfect Performance. 
  • New front Paper Feeders Fitted.
  • Rare and uncommon Red Colour on a Remington 3 
  • Special Keys to add to its Collectable condition 
  • Rare to find in good condition. 



Two tone Red. 




 Excellent cosmetic Condition for its age. 

Scratches and paint imperfection pictured in the gallery. (specially right front side)

Deeply cleaned. 

very good decals  

If any, Scratches and age signs are minimal and all considered minor. 



 Made for Heavy Typing. 

Nothing Stopping you from long hours of typing. 

Every single aspect of the item was checked and it will outperform Many machines



 Original Lid and Base 

Age signs all around

No handle

Locks with No Original Key



New Black & Red  Ribbon Fitted On original Remington Spools

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard

PICA Typeface.  10 pts per inch. 

Two Special Added kets, the Krs  (Turkish Kurus) and the Rs. (Indian Rupees) 


Thank you.