Remington Monarch Pioneer Typewriter - Mint and Collectable Version.

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Monarch Pioneer Typewriter

Stripped Remington Portable Version

Pristine condition.

We will not get such an item in the coming future as we could get a similar model, but never be restored to such a perfect condition.

Mr Vintage Drove around 500 Miles through out the UK to personally collect this Amazing Machine, And two Uncommon Others (Will be Soon Restored) as we couldn't take risk of anyone post it to us.

Every Single aspect of this item is Special,

A stripped Version of the Remington portable Manufactured in 1932 with Serial S 189XX

this was manufactured in limited amounts as some online sources.

This is Version of Monarch Pioneer is the Oldest as it types in Lower and Upper Case. while later version only typed in Upper Case (Caps).

Made without a Front Frame to be Lighter than All other Typewriters.

Was Manufactured to be sold as Inexpensive and light weight and client have had the choice of buying it without a Carrying case that was sold Separately.

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Deeply Cleaned
· Professional Service
· Pristine Condition for Age & Rarity
. Amazing Cosmetic Condition
. Noting like it in the Market right now. Literally unusual.
. Rare Typeface, Large and Shaded or BOLD
. Rare Keyboard, Shows Key tops in Small Letters.

Glossy & Special Red Cover with Black Sides.. Golden Decals.
All Original Colours.


Excellent Condition with Minor age signs and minor paint imperfection under the Keys, near Made in USA.
Back has small Scratches.
Deeply Cleaned to return to stunning condition.
Appreciate Zooming into Pictures for better evaluation.

Like all our Typewriters, It was perfectly Restored.
Nothing Stopping you from Heavy typing.
Important Note: this is a Stripped Version of a Remington Portable Typewriter as there is no Bell, NO right Margin, No Colour Selector, No Back Space, No Margin Release..
Fully tested for a Perfect Typing Experience as we did a good test on it and it still delivering a perfect and smooth typing.

Original Case that is refurbished in our store.
It is soft and not hard, with two clips that close but will need to be pulled to open,
Includes two Original Keys,
It has age signs and scratches on all sides.
lid was detached but we re attached with a special felt.

New Black Ribbon Fitted on ORIGINAL Spools and Fixed with Original Screws..

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard ... Lower case key tops.. usually typewriter print key tops in upper case letters.
Nice Clean Keys, chrome edges..
Large Typeface.. couldn't get the exact name yet but it is around 10 pt per inch and Shaded with BOLD prints..
Will try to get exact name.

Buy With Confidence.

Thank you