Royal 10 Desk Typewriter

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The Famous Royal 10 Typewriter

in Uncommon Matte Black  

When preparing the Royal 10, You need to go Deeper than usual to get it in a good condition. 

We did a Delicate job on each part of this Heavy Machine to return it to an Excellent Condition. 

We pride ourselves to finish this Typewriter up to the highest standards. 

Serial from 1922 


Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Amazing Matte Black 
· Professionally restored. 
· Excellent working Order
· We did a Deep Restoration and did our best to restore it
. First Versions of Royal 10 with two Glass Panels on each side.

Matte Black. Tends to be Greyish Black

HEAVY METAL ( One Historian Mentions that they used to throw it from an Air-plane to show how hard and tact it is)

Deeply cleaned and Restored to return to good looking condition. 

Decals on front are perfect and cant be any better.  

Glasses are newly cleaned from inside and outside and the Typewriter is fully cleaned from the inside with age signs for sure that we cant take out. 

 Rubber Feet are very good with crack on one side. 

Chrome metal has been cleaned and did our best to recover. 

Keys are nice with age and usage signs on them. one minor fraction key on right has no top. 

Age signs all around. 

Please check all photos for a better evaluation. 

Nothing stopping you from heavy typing on this amazing machine. 

 Nice Dinging Bell. 

TAB Working  

 Smooth Typing Keys

platen has age signs and usage signs, will be fine. 

New  Black Ribbon fitted on Metal spools. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard. 
Pica Typeface with 10 pts per inch. 

I will recommend for Heavy typing on a Desk for long hours as its a Sturdy Machine that never ages. 

buy from us with Confidence. 

Thank you