Royal Arrow Typewriter in Dark Grey Matte

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Royal Arrow  Typewriter

Dark Grey Matte 

Deeply Cleaned for a  very good Typing experience but Unfortunately we couldn't find a spare spring for the Back Space mechanism which is not working. 

 Serial Starting with C-1244XXX from the 1946

Why Buy this Typewriter? 

  • Excellent Cosmetic condition
  • Deeply cleaned.

. Glass topped Keys


Special Matte finish with Extra Dark Grey to light shade of Black




 Deeply cleaned 

Excellent cosmetic condition.

Glass Keys look great and minor age signs and they are considered perfect.

Excellent Rubber Feet. 

Appreciate taking a deep look at the pictures zoomed to Evaluate. 


 Professionally Serviced with perfect typing but the Back Space key is Not Working. you can simply push carriage and space to get back if needed.

Nice dinging bell at the end of your lines with clear prints on your paper. 

Smooth Strikes on the Glass topped Keys. 


Original Royal Case

Outside is not perfect as it has torn edges and felt. (Pictured) plus a bump showing the beneath wood.

Overall, it has of age signs from the inside  but considerably fine to hold the Typewriter.

Locks with no key.

Will be happy to send more pictures. 


New Black and Red Ribbon fitted  

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY keyboard 

 Elite Typeface with 12 pts per inch. 


Kind Reminder that Typewriter is in perfect Working order other than the Back Space Key that is Not Working as mentioned above. 


Thank you