Royal Junior Typewriter in Black Gloss & Glass Topped Keys

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Royal Junior Typewriter
Glossy Black

Serial from BJ-68XXX
From the Year 1939

This Series of Royal Junior was the last in the Signet and Junior Models that have been manufactured for "Children", "Housewife", and "Letters Writers as per Machines of loving grace website.

Typewriter was produced before the World War 2 without a Bell, No Right Margin, No Colour Selector and No Paper Holder..

Still, Glossy Body and Glass Keys gave it a lot of Elegance and it was perfect for Occasional Small typing at that time.

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Deeply Cleaned
· Professionally Serviced
· Perfect Working Order
· Nice Glossy Black
. Glass topped Keys, The wide Keys, not small like Royal Arrow or Deluxe,
. PICA typeface.

Glossy Black


Considerably Perfect condition for its age.
The Paint is glossy black that was professionally cleaned & Polished to look good.
Chrome Parts are excellent as well.
Appreciate Zooming pictures for a better Evaluation.

Like all our typewriters, Item was perfectly serviced for a perfect typing experience.
Smooth Carriage and soft Keys.
Important Note: This Typewriter was Manufactured without a Right Margin or a Bell.
Please Check Test Page to evaluate the Excellent Prints.

Original Royal Carrying Case
Age signs appear on the case from inside. Outside its Excellent.

New Light Black Ribbon fitted for Direct usage.
Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY keyboard
PICA Typeface with 10 pts per the inch.

Thank you