Royal O Typewriter

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Royal O Typewriter.. with uncommon large ROMAN typeface. 

Serial A 461XXX from 1935

Why Buy this Typewriter?

  • · Deeply Cleaned
  • · Professionally Serviced
  • · Excellent Paint 
  • . Glass topped Keys
  • . Clear typeface.
  • LARGE ROMAN TYPEFACE,. 10pts but taller than PICA

original Glossy Black with glass topped keys


Considerably excellent condition for its age.

Excellent Rubber foot. 

There is a paint scratch but nothing major to mention other than those surface scratches  on the top of lid due to age. wont show unless in front of you 

chrome parts have been professionally polished to shine again. 
Appreciate Zooming pictures for a better Evaluation. 


Like all our typewriters, Item was checked and serviced to smoothly type. 

Nice dinging bell, 

Carriage was removed and escapement cleaned ( please see picture) 

Smooth keys, 

Wont recommend for very fast typists. 

Original Royal Case 

Excellent condition with 4 clips to hold typewriter secure in base. 

Age signs all over. specially on the outisde.. 

New Black & Red  Ribbon fitted.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY keyboard

Large Roman typeface. 10 pts/Inch. unbelievably attractive typeface. 

Taller than PICA> 

Thank you