Royal P Typewriter

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Royal P Typewriter

This Typewriter was rescued from being abandoned for years & we did invest a good time on it to return to a wonderful condition as pictures can show. 

Serial P335XXX from 1933

Why Buy this Typewriter?

· Deeply Cleaned
· Professionally Serviced

· Excellent Original Paint
. Glass topped Keys
. PICA typeface.

original Black frame 


Considerably excellent condition for its age.

There is a minor paint scratch on sides but not major. 

chrome parts have been professionally polished to shine again. 
Appreciate Zooming pictures for a better Evaluation.

Like all our typewriters, Item was checked and serviced to smoothly type. 

Wont recommend for extra speedy typist. 

Original Royal Case with age signs on it. 

cleaned with Age signs on the inside and outside due to usage. 

Original handle. worn but will do the job. 

New Light Black Ribbon 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY keyboard
PICA Typeface with 10 pts per the inch.

Thank you