Royal Varsity Typewriter " a Simple Royal Arrow "

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Royal Varsity Typewriter

Matte Finish

Deeply Cleaned for a Perfect typing experience.

Its a Royal Quiet Deluxe with Serial Starting with UB-93XXX from the 1939.

No Wonder why Ernest Hemingway used the Royal Arrow Typewriter as it has a special touch on the glass topped keys and all the slugs will hit the paper and return smoothly making it a pleasant typing experience.

This Varsity is a Combination and More Simple Version of the Royal Arrow with One Colour and No Touch Control

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Nice Matte Finish
· Deeply cleaned.
· Professionally serviced
. Lighter than Other Royals
. Glass topped Keys

Dark Shade of Grey and so Close to Black.
Matte Finish


Deeply cleaned as we did fully dismantle to make sure we revive all its inside and did our best revive it.
Outer body has normal age signs and a scratch but nothing Major other than the one on the front of the Typewriter near the Decals.
Glass Keys look great and individually cleaned.
Appreciate takng a deep look at the pictures zoomed to Evaluate.

Professionally Serviced for a perfect typing experience.
Nice dinging bell at the end of your lines with clear prints on your paper.
Nothing stopping you from heavy typing.

Original Royal Case
Cleaned from inside with perfect Side Bumpers for the typewriter to make sure it doesn't move while inside the case.
Overall, it has lots of age signs from the inside and outside but considerably fine.
Will be happy to send more pictures.

New Black and Red Ribbon fitted

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY keyboard
PICA Typeface with 10 pts per inch.

in Conclusion, We love this Typewriter as its light and a Royal :)

Thank you