Salter Standard 10 Typewriter

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The Famous Salter 10 Typewriter

Serial from 1910 ... its 19XXX


Deeply cleaned from the inside and some parts of it plus a small polish job is done. 

Decals are considered excellent for its age. 

Rust and Age signs on many parts of it. 


The Typewriter will type and the Carriage will move normally with a nice dinging bell at the end of each line.

Typed letters are not perfectly clear for sure due to the old platen and use key heads. 

This typewriter is not made for continuous typing for sure and sold a collectable although it is working. it is made for display and to be part of a collection. 

Backspace working, 

line spacing 3 space as i couldn't adjust the selection. 

all keys normally stikes and prints. 

Minor mis alignment in the letters between Lower case and Caps. 

Some prints are not clear due to being very old. 

New Ribbon fitted on its original reels and will move nicely all the way. 

Lid& Base: 

Both have age signs

2  Hinges on the sides will normally secure the case. 

wooden Handle  in good condition. 

Thank you