Salter Standard 7 Typewriter

We have run out of stock for this item.

The Famous Salter 7 Typewrite

Serial from 1907 

Item is Strictly Sold as a Non Working Typewriter and for display or Collection. 

Carriage is broken and the return belt is Detached plus the Main Spring Cover is loose. 

Letter G is pushing forward. 

Unfortunately we do not have the parts to repair it, thus, its sold as a Non working Unit. 


Slightly cleaned from the inside and some parts of it plus a small polish job is done. 

Decals are considered excellent for its age. 

Rust and Age signs on many parts of it. 


Not Working - Strictly sold as a Display Typewriter 

Lid& Base: 

Both have age signs

4 Hooks on the sides will normally secure the case. 

wooden Handle  is semi broken but will do the job. 

Thank you