Smith Corona SkyRiter Typewriter

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Smith Corona Skyriter Typewriter 

One of the most sought after typewriters for Travel. Due to Size and lightness. 


    Brown with Green Keys & knobs.




    Item is perfectly cleaned from the inside and professionally serviced.

    age signs on the metal due to age and usage. 

    Rubbed paint on a small part of the Space Bar.

    These Lovely SkyRiter Typewriters usually come in much worse condition and this one is considerably excellent in comparison. 


     Perfect Working Order.

    What i love about it is the Smooth keys and its small size. 

    Minor misalignment to some letters. also known on this model due to it being light. Test page is the best example. 


    Age signs all over it. Pictures will help evaluate. 

    Will secure your typewriter all the way. 


    New Black Ribbon Fitted on original Smith Corona Spools. 

    Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

    QWERTY Keyboard

    PICA Typeface


    Thank you