Mignon 3 AEG Index Typewriter

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Mignon Model 3 Typewriter

Pristine Working Condition

Dietsch Schreibmaschine Or The German Typewriter by Mignon AEG.

One of the most famous Index Typewriters from Early 1923.

Its not the usual Typewriter other than it is used by pointing on Letters on Left side Board and then Click on Special Key to Print your Letter.

Other Key is a Spacer.

Just looks great and works in totally Different way than our usual typewriters.

Serial is 193XXX

Purpose of Usage:

Index Typing & Excellent Display as well as it looks amazing.

Typeface & Font( If Special)

Pica Typeface.

10 Points per Inch

Contains German Letters.

Glossy Black


We did Rejuvenated this Item and we are proud of the result as now it looks great.

It was professionally cleaned making it look perfect as there is no major scratches & noting more than tiny age signs and tiny scratches on the paint all over specially on Main front & Label Lid on back . please make sure to Zoom the pictures for better evaluation.

Inside the typewriter is clean but has normal age & usage signs with minor rusting due to age.

Characters Board is Clear and clean with age signs and small scratch on left side.

Base is Metal with an Ageing Board on lower bottom that has age signs & worn.

Appreciate taking a deep look at all pictures and zoom in so you evaluate the condition.


Like all our typewriters, it was fully checked and it operates in Perfect condition

Pointer is Clear with Special black holder to move it all over the Board and Choose the Letters

Not a single problem stopping you from typing.

Mechanism is Different than normal Typewriters as the is one paper Release, One paper Holder , one Carriage Mover to Left and Right, a Line Spacer, a Normal Dinging Bell at end of your Margin with a good platen & Clear Prints

Original Metal case that is in Immaculate condition.

Can be easily held from handle

Comes A Key to the Metal Case.. and Locks Normally.

Case was newly painted in black & the Label Mignon is Painted in Silver/Chrome Colour.

Deep inside its Clean as well.

The Hinges are in Excellent condition

appreciate looking at all pictures to evaluate


New Ribbon Fitted. Your typewriter is ready to use from Hello.

Spooled on Original Mignon Spools


English & German Characters exist

Pica Typeface. ( 10 Pts / Inch )

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