Rare Munson's Pneumatic Typewriter Rubber Speed Keys

We have run out of stock for this item.

These Key custom made key covers were used to cover the typewriter keys and perfect for speed typists.

Reasons that they are used:

  • Prevent Fingers from Slipping
  • No Broken Nails. 
  • Easier to the eyes
  • Uniform and lighter action
  • add life to machine 
  • take away glare
  • increase the speed

Comes in its original worn box. 

These key covers will work on All Remington or Smith Premier Typewriters manufactured before 1945 and also fits all Imperial good Companion Metal keys on Imperial good companion model 1. 

it doesn't fit on plastic keys for sure. 

They are 42 Key covers with 4 Big Shift Keys (wider in size ) included.

Letter C is missing. can be replaced by the Blank Green Key. 

Two Keys have usage signs on edges. 

They could be not matching your keyboard as its a British keyboard with £ sign and specially the characters/numbers on the right.

Typewriter is not part of the listing and only used for demonstration. 

 Always happy to answer any question.