Uncommon Imperial Good Companion Model 7 Typewriter in Blood Orange Colour

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Imperial Good Companion Model 7 Typewriter

Rare and Uncommon Blood Orange Colour

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Perfect working Order
. Uncommon Red/Blood Orange Colour
· Professionally Serviced
· Deeply cleaned
. Clean Case
. Reliable Typewriter with Many Options

Glossy Blood Orange Colour that is So Special and it is too close to Red. ORIGINAL PAINT
Lid is White, Lightest Shade of Cream.
Black Keys.


Very Good Condition as it was Deeply cleaned its Chrome parts are in Very good condition.
Minor Age signs on the edges of the lid
Scratches on the back from the paper Chromed Holder .
Rubber feet in excellent condition but the base (Covers the Bottom) has lots of scratches
Keys are Cleaned and look stunning.

Professionally Serviced and Checked for a perfect typing Experience.
You will love the Line Spacing Lever that has a special Curve in it.
Nice Dinging Bell at the end of your Lines.
Colour Selector, TAB, and many other options that will make it a reliable Typewriter.

Original Leather Like Case.
Amazing Condition with Handle, Clip and Zip perfectly working
Base holds the Typewriter with two hinges.
Can be Easily taken out.

Black and Red Ribbon newly installed for direct usage.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY with Elite Typeface (11 pts per inch)

Thank you