Underwood Noiseless Portable Typewriter in Glossy Black

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Noiseless Typewriters have always been the best for Low Noise Typing through out history as if we Compare the Sound of Underwood Number 5, it will be Rated 9/10 a it has a loud Sound while typing and and SM3 8/10 as well, when i rate this Noiseless Typewriters at 2/10 for the Minimum sound it does as all you will hear is your Fingers strikes on keys and a small mechanical sound inside the typewriter commanding the Slugs to Softly hit the PLaten.

We sold as many as 8 Noiseless Typewriters to International Novelists and University instructors that loved these after our service as we make sure they out perform in performance any other Typewriter specially when it comes to low noise.

Noiseless Underwood Typewriter

Glossy Black

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Professionally Serviced
· Pristine cosmetic condition
· Perfect Performance.
· Newly Revived Platen with a new Rubber Cover.
. Clear Typeface.
. Smooth Typing.

Glossy Black


Excellent cosmetic Condition.
Newly Polished.
Deeply cleaned but Paint might show some Small imperfections due to age.
Minor age signs on body and metal parts and nothing major to point at.
Scratches on the Paper plate, also minor and just above the platen.
One part with worn Paint just under the Carriage on left & right side.
Chrome Finish is very good.
Item is Fitted on its Original Base that we recommend always using and not taking it off the Base.

Made for Long hours of Smooth Typing.
Platen is newly Covered with a new Rubber layer for a smooth strokes on it and making sure we have an increased life for the Key Slugs
Exchanged the Return belt for a Smooth Pull of the Carriage,
Newly Tuned Bell that nicely dings at the end of each line.
I have Always Said it, when you get used to a Silent Typewriter, you will not be able to use any other portable as it is Smooth, Less Noisy and Looks great.


Original Lid and Base, Honestly it is the first time i see this Modern Case that the Typewriter is Based on Wooden base and Covers it as they usually come Detachable of the base. what i like about it is that the base make it steadier on table.
Lid and Base have normal age and usage signs and Scratches. Pictures can give a better evaluation.
Metal Lock that has age signs with no key.

New LIGHT Black Ribbon Fitted on Original Metal Rings.
Other Ribbons will look Darker as my inventory of Black Ribbons are light.
Red Colour typing is not perfect.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard
PICA Typeface.
Clear Prints.

Thank you.