Underwood Standard portable Typewriter - Underwood 4 Bank Typewriter in Mint Condition

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4  Bank Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter

Early Version from 1929

Unusually nice  Serial of   451 541

This Underwood 4 Bank is from the Old Serials.

Decals are Considerably excellent for its age. 


Why Buy this Typewriter? 

  • Professionally serviced.
  • deeply cleaned
  • Working Order
  • Excellent Cosmetic condition
  •  Glass topped Keys
  • newly covered Platen with Rubber layer
  • Newly polished to look great 


Glossy Black 




Excellent cosmetic condition

Deeply cleaned

Decals are considered excellent for age. minor scratches on them. 

 Keys are glass topped with no discolouration of the Inner Prints 

Chrome parts are very good



 Item was professionally restored and returned to working order.

You can type using the Black & red colour. 

Newly Fitted Paper Rollers under the platen. 

Bell softly dings  

Newly covered Platen with a new layer of Rubber. 


 Original Base and Lid

Please do not try to take it our of base as it is meant to be fixed to it and not recommended to use without due to screws on its base.

No Handle 

Locks with No Key.  

Rubber Feet are squashed. 

Have age and usage signs all over. 

will appreciate taking a deep look at the pictures to evaluate. 


New Black & Red  Ribbon Fitted on Original Metal spools

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard 

Unusual Macro Elite Typeface on these Underwood as they always come in PICA

13 pts/Inch


Thank you